Brush Soap/Cleaner-5 oz.

Brush Soap/Cleaner-5 oz.

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Brush cleaner that conditions and cleans artist brushes. 

  • Safely cleans & conditions the bristles leaving them soft and malleable.
  • This soap will bring back to life even the most dried out of brushes.
  • Made from naturally refined linseed oil- a derivative of flax seed.
  • 100% natural, nontoxic and virtually odorless!
  • Use on all types of brush hair, from sable to synthetic.
  • Use for cleaning hands.
  • Use for cleaning paint off floors, your clothes or work surfaces.

Directions: lather hands or working tools with soap and rinse with water.

Tip: For brushes that have been left a long time and have dried paint lines: coat brush soap over entire bristle surface and seal in a plastic bag overnight.