Pouring Resin- 16 oz.

Pouring Resin- 16 oz.

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Pouring Resin is an acrylic pouring medium for creating a unique acrylic-pour artwork technique. 

  • Dries with a durable glossy finish.
  • No topcoat needed
  • Nontoxic-No Voc’s
  • Prime all bare wood with before using (so as not to raise the wood grain)
  • Use on canvas , furniture or any surface that paint adheres to
  • May be used on its own as a finish or topcoat over Fusion Mineral Paint
  • Resin may be painted over with a color paint for a multi-dimensional look
  • Stir before using-(do not shake)
  • Best applied on a horizontal surface as it is self-levelling.
  • Put some resin in a cup and tint it with paint by adding a drop or two of paint -no more than a 1:10 ratio
  • Don’t use too much paint -it will not allow the resin to flow
  • Tap the surface to settle air bubbles
  • Dry time: 8-12 hours…. Re-coat time: 12-24 hours
  • Fully Cures - 21 days
  • May be used with cell enhancer for unique effects.


  • Watch artistic pour technique to learn about experimenting and having fun with this technique.
  • https://fusionmineralpaint.com/pouring-resin-art-swirl-pour/
  • If using Cell Enhancer: be sure to wipe those areas with cell enhancer clean with a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove the shiny wet look.