Black Gel Stain &Topcoat-32 oz.
Black Gel Stain &Topcoat-32 oz.
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Black Gel Stain &Topcoat-32 oz.

Black Gel Stain &Topcoat-32 oz.

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Gel Stain is a protective urethane topcoat pigmented with a bit of colored stain

Black  –lightly pigmented Gel Stain, this translucent topcoat gives a soft black tone 

  • The tinted color easily hides imperfections and scratches
  • This is Fusion Mineral Paint’s toughest of the topcoats
  • Useful to tone existing wood color
  • A one-step application
  • Stir, stir, stir and stir-5 minutes of stirring before using to get it’s settled matte thoroughly mixed-DO NOT SHAKE-it will add air bubbles
  • Apply to any surface that is free of grease, wax, dirt, shellac or dust
  • Do not use on vinyl, shellac, asphalt or linoleum
  • Brush on with natural bristle brush or use microfiber roller to apply!
  • Do not use applicator pad or foam roller to apply
  • Oil based -use mineral spirits for clean up
  • No sanding or de-glossing surface before using
  • Ideal for heavily used interior surfaces
  • Use on areas that are frequently washed-table tops, bathroom or kitchen countertops
  • Extremely durable to refinish  old hardwood floors
  • When using on raw wood surfaces-first coat should be 1:4 mineral spirits to Gel Stain
  • Topcoat resists water, food stains, alcohol, grease and detergents
  • Adheres to difficult surfaces like laminate, melamine, lacquered or painted or coated surfaces.
  • Use to create an antiquing effect
  • May be recoated after 8 hrs.
  • Once your coat is layered on, avoid re-touching the wet surface!
  • Fully cures in 5 days
  • Self leveling
  • One coat looks like a stain.
  • Thickness of Gel stain out of the can varies between the 4 colors-some are thick and some are thinner
  • Your base substrate color will always show through, but the more coats, the more opaque it becomes
  • Satin finish
  • Dry time between coats-approx. 4 hrs.
  • Cure time is 5 days